SINWA Group become the first dual stockist and agent for GUARDIAN outside of the UK

Peter Schellenberger - SINWAFollowing on from the recent announcement of its global expansion plans, Guardian Maritime Ltd, producers of GUARDIAN™ anti-piracy barriers, wasted no time in signing a deal with SINWA Group, one of Asia Pacific’s leading marine supply and logistics companies, for it to become its first dual stockist and agent outside of the UK.

With owners seeking a more crew friendly and environmentally responsible option in the fight against piracy, GUARDIAN, a proven alternative to razor wire, is a welcome addition to SINWA’s anti-piracy product range. SINWA will not only be able to supply and fit ship owners and operators with the GUARDIAN system, it will also hold stock in Singapore to enable faster response times to both ship fitments and the supply of replacement units by specialist teams of GUARDIAN installers.

Peter Schellenberger, Group Sales & Marketing Director, commenting on why SINWA chose GUARDIAN, said “We have been selling huge quantities of razor wire however through talking to the technical and safety people we heard about a number of problems arising from its use – one of which is the safety of the seafarers as the use of razor wire may cause significant injuries. Some companies using razor wire do not buy the proper equipment, for example not buying the right gloves, which endangers seafarers and leads to accidents on-board vessels.”

Peter continued, “The other issue raised by some of our major clients is the impact on the environment. Nobody talks about the issue that arises when vessels come into Singapore Port – they are not allowed to have razor wire installed. Only a very few take it down and re-install or dispose responsibly, the majority simply cut it down and throw it overboard. Multiply that by hundreds of vessels every year and you have tonnes of rusting metal in the sea. We feel that GUARDIAN offers a complete solution to both issues as well as being a highly effective piracy solution.”

GUARDIAN works by covering the ship’s safety rails with a specially designed barrier. Once installed, GUARDIAN provides a robust and simple way of making access to the ship or rig as difficult as possible.The system is currently protecting some of the world’s biggest fleets and rigs, including CMA-CGM, Maersk and BW Tankers.

David Stevens, Director said; “We are delighted to be working with SINWA, whoserve more than 100 ports across the Far East. Working together will allow us to service and protect clients from piracy that are transiting HRAs even more quickly and efficiently, working out of Singapore. We are only too aware of the unpopularity of razor wire, and GUARDIAN is completely safe for crew handling and is very environmentally friendly – at the end of its long life it can even be recycled into every day products, making the greenest piracy solution ever!”

GUARDIAN expands through new investment

ship 4We at Guardian Maritime Limited, manufacturers and suppliers of GUARDIAN™ anti-piracy barriers are pleased to announce our global expansion plans following a share issue to new investors.

Following its tremendous success in the anti-piracy market with its distinctive red patented GUARDIAN barriers, the board took the decision to expand the company by adding new investors having been invited to raise capital via Crowdcube.

Crowdcube is Europe’s largest network of angel investors backing great British businesses. Founded in 2010, Crowdcube is a new way to fund business expansion by crowdfunding for equity, giving entrepreneurs a platform to connect with people and raise venture capital.

David Stevens, Director said; “We were overwhelmed yet not surprised by the interest in GUARDIAN, especially now it is such a proven product and used on so many ships and rigs in HRAs. We took the decision to raise new capital to allow further expansion by way of new stock locations and representatives as well as looking at additional manufacturing plants to meet the growing demand. In addition we are investing in new tooling and the development of additional versions to cope with the demands of green water and drilling platform corners.”

The changing face of piracy and indeed the recent protests by Greenpeace activists has meant that ship and rig operators still need to have security high on their agenda .Using GUARDIAN is not only a huge visual deterrent to put off would-be boarders but also a cost effective alternative to armed guards and razor wire that has been proven to work time after time.

“Armed guards are now being seen as costly and a little excessive, yet shipping companies recognising piracy is still a real ongoing threat, want the best protection. More and more ship and rig operators are turning to GUARDIAN for that protection and peace of mind. This investment allows the company a greater reach and swifter response time for those ships needing protection – safeguarding our seafarer’s worldwide.” added David.

Cable laying ships using GUARDIAN in the fight against piracy

???????????????????????????????Guardian Maritime recently installed GUARDIAN™anti-piracy barriers to CS Sovereign, a cable laying vessel in Middlesbrough.  The work was carried out over three days, starting with the fittings for the port and starboard areas of the ship and although working to a tight time limit, the installation ran smoothly.

Before leaving CS Sovereign, the crew were supervised and talked through the installation process so that they could fit the remaining barriers themselves. Following training, the crew were confident at handling GUARDIAN, the added advantage of which – unlike razor wire – is completely safe to handle.

The Chief Officer of the vessel stated “having achieved near completion of GUARDIAN I am pleased with the outcome, and thank the men for their hard work.” One benefit of fitting GUARDIAN on CS Sovereign was that it is a clear visual indicator that the vessel is prepared for the possibility of encountering any piracy attacks on its voyages, and offers a notable deterrent to reduce the likelihood of pirates attempting to board.

Teresa Stevens, Guardian Maritime Director said “This installation proves that GUARDIAN can protect all vessel types and we are especially pleased to be working with new clients. Our fitters are providing a fast and efficient turnaround of installation and while on-board, are training crew in the ongoing use of GUARDIAN to ensure they are always protected.”

Guardian wins accolade for hidden talents!

photoAt the recent WISTA one day forum in Liverpool, part of IFB2014, Guardian were delighted to be placed runner up in the ‘Came by Ship’ photographic competition.

The competition, aimed at raising the awareness of the shipping industry encompassed photos with ‘shipping at its heart’ and Guardian chose an image representing GUARDIAN barriers safeguarding seafarers in a dramatic view from the ship looking out across the water.

Teresa Stevens, Director, said “We are happy to support WISTA’s Came by ship’ campaign’ and all their activities in this their 40th year – it was a lovely surprise to get the runner up prize”.

The “Green” threat to oil rig security – emerging as an issue as alarming as piracy

oil rigLast week an oil rig in the Barents Sea hit the headlines after being successfully boarded, stopping drilling for 89 hours at an estimated cost of $1.26million. So who were the boarders; gun toting pirates threating violence and looking to steal? No, this was a “peaceful” protest executed by Greenpeace which saw 15 activists from 8 countries scale and occupy a rig to protest against drilling plans near to the Bear Island Nature Reserve.

This is the second time Greenpeace have staged an oil rig protest within the past 12 months, with 30 activists last year facing piracy charges from the Russian government, later changed to hooliganism charges. This begs the question, should activists be deterred in the same way as pirates?

There lies the first issue of many – “peaceful” protesting. As an industry we have grown used to violence from boarders, the 2700 seafarers attacked by pirates last year alone testament to this. Deterrents have therefore often been put in place on this basis, fighting violence with violence (or at least the threat of) with the use of armed guards. The use of which is the subject of much controversy when trying to deter pirates – ongoing costs, political connotations, fear of escalation of the use force, the list continues. However, for political activists who protest peacefully and pose no physical threat to crew, surely this isn’t even a viable option morally?

Razor wire had previously been the most widely used piracy deterrent, however, by its very nature, the risk of injury and infection continues to be an issue for crew. Protestors trying to board of course take physical risks in boarding, yet the negative PR should a protestor get injured by wire or spikes would soon outgrow the issue of any wrongdoing by the protestor being there in the first place.

So what is the alternative? Clearly a passive solution to deter activists boarding is what’s needed. After all if they cannot get onboard the rig in the first place this ensures its business as usual and costly delays, possible injury and negative PR are all avoided.

Guardian Maritime Limited have the solution – GUARDIAN™ anti-piracy barriers and not only have they the only 100% undefeated deterrent against piracy and unwanted boarders, they have it already proven to work on rigs following the defeat of Greenpeace protestors in New Zealand last year.

On the 19th November 2013, Greenpeace activists arrived at the Noble Bob Douglas Drill ship intending to board. The visible presence of GUARDIAN meant that despite having specialist climbing equipment with them, the activists did not even attempt to board, realising they would be unsuccessful. Instead, they resorted to circling the ship inside the safety zone.

Teresa Stevens, owner and designer of GUARDIAN says “ The threat of piracy is still very real, with 72 incidents reported this year already, however the increase in the number of oil rig protests is an issue that needs addressing, a passive solution is the only way forward. GUARDIAN is ideal – a visible deterrent, BMP 4 compliant installation, environmentally friendly, recyclable and saves operating costs by lasting up to five years. The units can also be swapped between rigs making it a cost effective investment too.”

GUARDIAN is also being successfully used to protect over 200 vessels, in some of the world’s biggest fleets, including Maersk, CMA-CGM and BW Tankers.

Oil will continue to be drilled, and activists will continue to protest against it – this is an issue that shows no sign of disappearing. Environmental activists feel so strongly for the cause they are willing to endangering their life by climbing oil rigs in treacherous conditions, and risk their freedom by incarceration. Clearly this needs to be taken as seriously as piracy and the solution to the issue is to prevent boarding in the first place by both a visual deterrent and a proven system.

Razor wire – injuring the crew it’s designed to protect

razorwireA recommendation of BMP4, and currently the most common piracy deterrent used, razor wire on a ship’s perimeter is a controversial choice. For the owner it poses a serious conundrum; the need to protect the ship and crew from possible pirate attacks alongside the very real fear of crew suffering a serious injury or infection from handling both new and rusty razor wire. Injury and infection are alarming side effects to any job but add to this the difficult conditions at sea; the weather, the remoteness and the lack of medical facilities and it becomes clear that the use of razor wire poses a huge threat to the well-being of crew on-board.

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Guardian Maritime Ltd is delighted to be visiting Dubai

DubaiGuardian Maritime Ltd will be in Dubai next week 26th – 30th April.

The visit enables face-to-face meetings with local ship owners and operators to discuss the very latest GUARDIAN™ news and developments.

Jean Winfield, Director says “ I am very much looking forward to the trip and being able to update ship owners and operators on the product, highlighting the cost & safety benefits v razor wire. We are having so many enquiries from the Middle East we felt it would be good to be out here alongside our local agents working together with the owners and operators to show how they can best beat piracy and protect their crew”.

Please contact Guardian Maritime by phone or email should you wish to secure a meeting.

CMA Shipping 2014


Guardian Maritime Ltd was delighted to attend CMA Shipping 2014 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA this week.

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Announcement re GUARDIAN™ anti – piracy barriers

GUARDIAN anti- piracy barriers are currently protecting some of the world’s biggest fleets including CMA-CGM, Maersk, BW Tankers as well as being used to protect offshore rigs and drilling ships.

Please be aware that GUARDIAN is the only patent protected anti – piracy barrier on the market.   If you would like to see a copy of our granted UK patent, please let us know.  Alternatively, should you be approached by any companies offering counterfeit GUARDIAN products, please do let us know.

There is only one genuine GUARDIAN for ships and only one product in production ready for the market.

For further information contact:

Jean Winfield
Marketing Director
Guardian Maritime Limited
Tel 01908 821175  Mob 07970702443

Patent Granted for GUARDIAN™ piracy barriers

RailWith immediate effect, Guardian Maritime Limited are pleased to announce the patent licence for GUARDIAN™ piracy barriers has been granted, making Guardian Maritime Limited the only official global manufacturer and supplier of the product. 

The first real alternative to razor wire, GUARDIAN works by covering a ship’s safety rails with a specially designed barrier. Once installed, GUARDIAN provides a highly visible, robust and simple way of making access to ship or rig virtually impossible.

Teresa Stevens, Director of Guardian Maritime Limited:

“We are sadly aware that there are companies reportedly offering ship owners and operators an alternative, inferior product or indeed claiming to supply GUARDIAN. We are currently taking full legal action against such companies for infringement of design rights, patent and licenses. There is only one genuine GUARDIAN for ships, available via us directly or our authorised global agents only. Guardian Maritime Ltd has the only product in production ready for the market along with a team of highly trained and professional fitters working on-board vessels.”

The system is currently protecting some of the world’s biggest fleets including CMA-CGM, Maersk, BW Tankers as well as being used to protect offshore rigs and drilling ships. Not only combatting piracy but also safeguarding seafarers worldwide.