Tests & Testimonials

GUARDIAN demonstration and trials

In July 2012 major demonstration of our GUARDIAN™ anti boarding system took place at the Maritime Academy in Warsash, UK. The demonstration involved three GUARDIAN™ units being fitted to a safety rail similar to that found on a ship but on a static pier – thus simulating a ship at anchor.


Two ex-Royal Marines commandos attempted to ‘board’ from a boat similar in size to a skiff. For safety reasons their boat was tied off to the pier and the two commandos were equipped with full PPE including safety harness.

Following the trial the commandos concluded that they consider it impossible to breach the GUARDIAN™ defensive barrier – despite perfect conditions and the assistance given to them. The video of the trial can be viewed here



“The GUARDIAN™ system is a perfect and cost effective way of “refusing boarding” to pirates and stowaways. After numerous and extensive tests we found the GUARDIAN™ system impregnable and effective. I highly recommend GUARDIAN™ for any Marine Company whether they be low and slow or high speed with freeboard” Rob Twell, Quality, Safety & Security Manager CMA CGM Group.

“Fitting GUARDIAN™ was not only very cost effective against the cost of razor wire, it gave us the opportunity to lead the way in using a product that deters attack and is an option liked by our crew. The ease of using GUARDIAN™  makes it a must for any ship operating in high risk areas.”
Ship Owner, in Far East.

“I wish all ships had GUARDIAN™. For crew it is easy to use and there are no injuries or cuts like those associated with razor wire. GUARDIAN™ gives us peace of mind and a safe working environment. I would choose to work on a GUARDIAN™ protected ship every time.” Seafarer, working on vessel protected by GUARDIAN™.

You can also see GUARDIAN in action warding off the attempted boarding of the drill ship, Noble Bob Douglas, by protesters: http://goo.gl/0ntG2d