Piracy at sea has been a problem for hundreds of years. In recent years piracy has extended far off the Somali coast, into the Indian Ocean and is now escalating on the West Coast of Africa, Indonesia and Central America.

To present day shipping companies piracy is a major concern and expense – so it is no surprise that there has been a lot of interest in the development of vessel protection.

We at Guardian Maritime Limited have developed a new and deceptively simple solution to the problem of unwanted boarding under sail, at anchor or in port.

Unlike razor wire the GUARDIAN™ units are quick, simple and safe to install.

The GUARDIAN™ ship protection system is a BMP 4 compliant installation which forms part of a vessel’s layered defence system. It provides worldwide 24/7 protection against stowaways, robbery and piracy for vessels, crew and cargo at sea, anchor or in port. It is also highly effective for use on static installations such as oil rigs.

GUARDIAN™ – fit once defence system!


Guardian Maritime is totally committed to proving a world class service; the solution is a fit and forget, passive, sustainable and recyclable anti-piracy barrier system. The GUARDIAN™ system has been in constant use for over 5 years with no degradation in safety or effectiveness, thus casting no doubts on Guardian Maritime’s original 5 year warranty and the durability of the product.

GUARDIAN™ has protected over 100 mariners from direct pirate attacks, 5 of these attacks taking place in the last 36 months. Not only did these mariners return to their families unharmed but this also saved the client potentially billions of dollars in lost revenues.

As a new feature GUARDIAN™ is now available as a “self-install” option allowing crews to carry out the installation during transit. In an effort to keep costs down for ship owners and operators, whilst having the best Anti-Piracy system available on their vessels, Guardian Maritime is now offering to provide would be clients the opportunity to have the crew install the Guardian system. Clear instruction will be provided by the specially filmed installation videos and bespoke support direct from Guardian Maritime to give the crew enhanced confidence in the simple installation.

For further information please see our latest Security Bulletin.


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Download our latest Security Bulletin here

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