Guardian Product Details

GUARDIAN™ is a fit once defence system!

GUARDIAN™ works by covering the ship’s safety rails with a specially designed barrier. Once installed, GUARDIAN™ provides a robust way of denying access to the ship / rig, annually protecting $ 80 Trillion of assets.

Extensive research has been carried out to achieve the ultimate profile and composition for GUARDIAN™. A roofing ladder cannot take hold and, even if a grappling hook managed to gain purchase somewhere on the deck, the profile of the GUARDIAN™  makes it virtually impossible to climb over.

GUARDIAN™ is manufactured by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic products. The units are designed with a high level of UV protection, are resistant to a wide range of chemicals (acids, alkalis, oils etc), and will remain robust over the temperature range experienced by vessels. The polymer does not absorb water, so is ideally suited to a maritime environment.

GUARDIAN™ is manufactured in 1000mm wide sections that lock together – clamping onto the safety rail to provide a strong and rigid structure.  During installation, GUARDIAN™ units are tailored to fit around fairleads and unique structures. A single unit or section can be removed or refitted in minutes, for operations such as mooring or vessel maintenance.

Guardian has now been in service protecting Maersk Line and CMA CGM ships for eight years. At an average cost of protecting the poop deck area of a container ship of £6,000 the daily cost is £2.35 pence per day.

Advantages of using GUARDIAN™:

  • Easy to install
  • Provides a ‘sight’ barrier, offering crew a level of invisibility on deck
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Easily swapped between vessels
  • Safe for the crew to handle and reduces installation time
  • Recyclable units made from High Density Polyethylene Metallocene

Price Comparison

Save Lives Save Money

Guardian safeguards your crew, eliminates the risk of injury to your crew caused by razor wire, and removes your costs for armed guards or armed patrol vessels.

To get started, please select your vessel below and enter costs of Razor Wire (per quarter) and costs of Armed Guards (per transit).

Guardian Installation

Guardian™ Anti-Piracy Barrier on Vessel

The GUARDIAN™ ship protection system is a BMP 5 compliant installation which forms part of a vessel’s layered defence system. It provides worldwide 24/7 protection against stowaways, robbery and piracy for vessels, crew and cargo at sea, anchor or in port. It is also highly effective for use on static installations such as oil rigs.

As a new feature GUARDIAN™ is now available as a “self-install” option allowing crews to carry out the installation during transit. To keep costs down for ship owners and operators, whilst having the best Anti-Piracy system available on their vessels. Guardian Maritime is now offering to provide clients the opportunity to have their ships crew easily install Guardian. Clear instruction is provided by installation videos and bespoke support direct from Guardian Maritime to give the ship’s crew enhanced confidence in the simple installation.

Patent Protected

Us Patent number 9359051
Chinese Patent ZL201280056385.2
Malaysian Patent MY-172767-A
UK Patent GB2496757
European Patent EP(UK)2780222
Australia Patent 2012338580
Singapore patent 11201402337X
South Africa Patent 2014/04209
European Registration of Design 002197012-0001


Guardian Product Details
Price Comparison
Guardian Installation
Patent Protected